Thursday, August 13, 2009

GNUmed 0.5.0 and server v11 released

Dear colleagues,

I am proud to announce GNUmed 0.5.0 "The Lil' Louis" Release.

This has taken much longer than I would have hoped. There
has been a lot of functionality and usability testing going
on with tons of bugs getting fixed and lots of issues
straightened out.

Here's a rundown on what this new GNUmed version has to

- can track hospital stays
- can group health issues by arbitrary grouping tag
- can display/edit all encounters of a patient in a list
- can move individual soap rows between encounters
- can delete progress notes
- can delete workplaces from GUI
- can show measurements encyclopedia from grid
- can manage measurement types
- can list meta measurement types
- can start external MI/stroke risk assessment calculator
- can install ARRIBA MI/stroke risk assessment calculator
- can download and import LOINC data
- can import ATC data
- can disconnect from database welcome message dialog
- can handle persons without DOB
- can display deceased person's age properly
- can remove persons from the database

- new/simpler placeholder style for OOo documents
- protection against translation errors (%s-count mismatch in _())
- improved display of measurement types in grid
- improved sending of bug reports (log = attachment)
- improved new-patient dialog
- improved sorting of documents in formatted episode summary
- improved "About Database"/startup banner
- improved episode formatting

- has some revision info in EMR Journal view
- has built-in fallback workplace for problem situations

Beyond that there are a host of little improvements here and
there generally making GNUmed a better place to work in.

You can grab tarball packages here:

Note that you will have to run the database upgrade
procedure if you want to keep using an existing database.
This is described here:

You can upgrade from any v10 fixup level to v11.0.

So, please download and enjoy and report the bugs !


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