Tuesday, June 16, 2009

GNUmed update tricks

Hi all,

Every so often a new GNUmed series is released. This time it changes from the 0.4.x series to the 0.5.x series. This involves two major changes. The client has new features and possibly regressions. But more important is that a new database might be needed. In this case there is a major version change in the database version.

This involves a database upgrade during the installation process and is described at http://wiki.gnumed.de/bin/view/Gnumed/ServerUpgrade2. Last but no least it involves upgrading you client config file so it will let you select the new database at client startup.

More info on how to edit your config  files can be found at: http://wiki.gnumed.de/bin/view/Gnumed/ConfigFiles

So after upgrading to client 0.5.x you will need to select version 11 of the GNUmed database.

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