Sunday, April 01, 2007

PostgreSQL Live CD

Just found that site about PostgreSQL on a live CD

Wouldn't it be nice to just add gnumed-client to it and have a fully working GNUmed installation available on a live CD.I suppose it is even possible to use a USB drive instead of a CD.

What seems to make it easier for us is the fact that pgadmin3 is included. That means wxpython is on that CD by default. And since it is based on Xubuntu it should be as easy as 'apt-get install gnumed-client'

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Frederick said...

Wow! i'm so happy that others are finally getting medical stuff (programs) for the majority of us. i was looking at Posgresql as the backend and looking for something easy and similar to Access with which to make what you guys are doing -- GNUmed, for the public hospital system of Mexico, well, at least something my wife could use to do intake and write prescriptions...

Thanks again! and have a great afternoon! :)